Improving Your Listening Skills

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers

By: Dorie Clark


Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers Quiz 1

Question 1 of 6

What is the first step to having a high-stakes conversation?

  • Find a quiet, private space.
  • Compare notes with your colleagues.
  • Identify the right time to have the conversation.

Question 2 of 6

Why should you become a better listener?

  • to obtain praise
  • to have access to the complete story
  • to become liked and trusted
  • to achieve managerial status

Question 3 of 6

When you listen better, you get access to more complete information.

  • TRUE

Question 4 of 6

Which approach often works best for regaining attention from an audience?

  • Become louder and speed up your cadence.
  • Quiz the audience regularly.
  • Become softer and use pauses.
  • Question the audience’s attentiveness.

These are Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers

Question 5 of 6

When you interrupt someone, it’s a sign you’re not listening.

  • TRUE

Question 6 of 6

What feature do most reasons for not listening have in common?

  • distraction
  • boredom
  • disinterest
  • excitementIncorrectExcitement is a sign that perhaps one thinks that they have a better idea.

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers Quiz 2

Question 1 of 2

An effective way to make someone feel heard is to _____.

  • repeat their message word for word
  • find flaws in the grammatical constructions and logic of their message
  • paraphrase their message and ask them to expand upon a certain point
  • exaggerate their message to explore the logical consequences

Question 2 of 2

It’s a good idea to repeat back exactly what the person said, using the same words.

  • TRUE

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin FINAL EXAM

Question 1 of 9
When talking with a boring or annoying person, what will best help you keep listening effectively?

  • Take deep breaths until they finish talking.
  • Remind yourself that given their unique experiences, they probably have a good reason for their worldview.
  • Remind yourself that this is a test of your endurance and willpower.
  • Try to think about your to-do list or your work agenda for tomorrow, until they stop talking,.

Question 2 of 9
What’s the most effective method for reducing tension and the desire to interrupt?

  • Close your eyes while listening.
  • Breath deeply.
  • Recite a poem.
  • Tune out the speaker or picture them in a chicken costume.

Question 3 of 9
To stop yourself from interrupting, you can _.

  • count to 100 before responding
  • physically restrain yourself
  • play with your food
  • take notes on what the other person is saying

Question 4 of 9
If someone says they’re fine, they might not be if they also _.

  • are doodling
  • are playing with their smartphone
  • are using closed body language (such as crossed arms)
  • are yawning

Question 5 of 9
You can have more meaningful conversations if you ask _.

  • about people’s childhood
  • open-ended questions
  • politely
  • detailed questions

Question 6 of 9
Which reason best justifies the inclusion of third parties in high-stakes conversations?

  • Everyone listens and interprets a little differently.
  • It is imperative to have witnesses at a negotiation.
  • It offers distractions that lower the tension.
  • It helps intimidate the opposition.

Question 7 of 9
What is an effective strategy to recapture someone’s attention?

  • Snap your fingers.
  • Lower your voice.
  • start yelling.
  • Make a sarcastic comment.

Question 8 of 9
When someone says something that you disagree with, you should _.

  • deride the speaker
  • ask for evidence
  • let the speaker move on after minor clarification
  • debate the point on the spot

Question 9 of 9
What is a common reason that people interrupt?

  • all of these answers
  • They are excited.
  • They are nervous.
  • They disagree with what you’re saying.

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers

Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers
Improving Your Listening Skills Linkedin Answers
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