Welcome to the world of innovation and creativity brought to you by Progiez, founded by Pankaj Mehla. We are a dynamic team of tech enthusiasts committed to making a difference in the world of technology and beyond.

With his official website, www.pankajmehla.com, and Progiez’s platform, www.progiez.com, he continues to share knowledge and insights in the tech world.

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About Progiez

PROGIEZ is an online educational community that was founded as an online platform that helps young students to get answers for reference and study materials for the preparation of placements, especially in the engineering stream.

What Progiez offer

  • Online Courses answers for reference like NPTEL, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, etc.
  • Codechef and Hackerrank problems
  • Saylor Courses Answers
  • Various MCQs Problems and More

Mission of Progiez

” There is always a solution to every problem and you have to find it “, with these lines

Our mission is to create a community in which every member can help each other to provide solutions to various problems in the study field to create better educational professionals.

Students get stuck in various problems in study and they have many questions in their mind and if the answers to that are not given timely, the question become always a question so we decicde to provide answers to these problems so everyone can get answers of every problem and can move with a more curiosity in his life.

Vision of Progiez

  • To create the world’s largest online and offline educational platform where anyone can study at an affordable rate.
  • To create an educational environment where students can focus on research-based study.

Thanks for choosing and supporting us!