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Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers

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Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers Quiz 1

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How is access to stakeholders seen as an opportunity in virtual selling?

  1. Numerous stakeholders can be involved in a buying decision and all of them brought together virtually.
  2. Gatekeepers such as receptionists and administrative assistants can be bypassed with virtual selling.
  3. Many more customers can be reached virtually than by traveling to an in-person sales presentation.

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If you are a salesperson doing virtual sales calls, how should you frame yourself in the video screen?

  1. Have your entire upper body visible.
  2. Have your entire head and your shoulders visible.
  3. Have your face at an angle to the video camera.

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Why is looking at social media while working considered going down a rabbit hole?

  1. You should never look at social media during the workday.
  2. Social media lights up a pleasure center in the brain and provides enjoyment.
  3. The more someone looks at social media, the more they will keep looking at it.

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Amira makes a large sale with a customer in Korea and then calls a customer in Bolivia. She jots down her notes from the Korea sale during the Bolivia call. What is her biggest mistake here?

  1. Amira did not make the most use of multitasking.
  2. Amira did not give her full attention to the Bolivian customer.
  3. Amira should have made her notes during the Korea sales call.

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers Quiz 2

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Ishaan always looks up a prospect on LinkedIn before he makes his first sales call. What is the most beneficial reason he does this?

  1. so he can learn the name and position of the right individual to call
  2. so he can determine how highly customers regard the company
  3. so he can start the call by bringing up a shared connection or a shared interest

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What is the goal of a pre-call plan?

  1. to determine what is most important to the customer
  2. to motivate the customer to take an action
  3. to arrange what is going to be covered in the call

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers Quiz 3

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You have the opportunity for a sixty-minute sales call with a new customer. In what part of your call should you spend the most time?

  1. Rapport
  2. Discovery
  3. Pricing

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When Linda was a route salesperson, she had an uncanny ability to build trust from the first face-to-face sales call. Now that she is selling virtually, how will she build the same kind of trust?

  1. by not abandoning the approaches that worked well in her face-to-face sales calls
  2. by having a virtual presence that exudes confidence and professionalism
  3. by starting every call with an explanation of how her products can solve the customers’ problems

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers Quiz 4

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Among the types of sales questions, which ones elicit information that a salesperson can find online?

  1. Heart questions
  2. Skin questions
  3. Bone questions

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Chen has a very tight sales presentation that has been moderately successful to her. What might Chen be missing that can make her even more successful?

  1. understanding her customer’s real problems
  2. listening enough in her calls
  3. telling stories in her presentation

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Khalid is observing the new salesperson, Natalia, make a virtual sales call to a prospect. He notices Natalia uses very animated hand gestures. What should Khalid say about this?

  1. Applaud Natalia for the way she engages with her prospect.
  2. Instruct Natalia to not fidget as much when she is on a sales call.
  3. Explain that Natalia should focus on her message and not engage in visual tricks.

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When Mariana makes a video sales call, she likes to make sure her face appears on the screen in an engaging way. How can she best do this while providing an interactive experience with her customer?

  1. Use the chat feature of the video call.
  2. Add background music to engage the customer’s sense of hearing.
  3. Display a visual that prompts interactivity with the customer.

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers to quiz 5

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How does a “temperature check” differ from the traditional sales approach of an assumptive close such as, “Is Tuesday good for you, or is Wednesday better?”

  1. A temperature check makes the customer take the next action that requires an effort, rather than you setting a meeting that they can cancel.
  2. A temperature check informs you that customers are ready to buy once you provide the specifics of how your solution will solve their problems.
  3. A temperature check reveals the likelihood of the customer being ready to buy now, so you can avoid an unnecessary follow-up meeting.

Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals Answers

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