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Question 1

How would you Explanationly describe a vision statement and a mission statement?

  1. A mission statement is a long-term planning guide. A vision statement is what your agency provides residents.
  2. A vision statement is what your agency does. A mission statement is a detailed strategy for how your agency will meet its mission.
  3. A mission statement is what your agency wants to be in the future. A vision statement is how you will meet residents’ needs in the present.
  4. A vision statement is what your agency wants to be in the future. A mission statement is how you will meet residents’ needs in the present.

Question 2

In which step of strategic thinking do you utilize audits and assessments?

  1. Review Objectives
  2. Review Current Procedure
  3. Conduct Research
  4. Look To The Future

Question 3

Once you have identified the tasks to achieve a particular objective, what should you look at next when managing your agency’s resources?

  1. the type of employees needed
  2. funding the resources for the project
  3. setting the deadline for the project
  4. the equipment you will need

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Question 4

Li is the new agency Finance Director. What can Li reliably use as a baseline when she creates her first agency budget?

  1. department manager input
  2. required forms and worksheets
  3. tracking documents
  4. a previous year’s budget

Question 5

You have four new employees in the eight-member Streets Department. There is a major street replacement job and a simple repaving job. How should you use these new employees to develop their skill sets?

  1. Have all four employees work on the major project and assign four experienced employees to the small project.
  2. Have each employee matched with an experienced employee to watch how experienced employees work.
  3. Have two employees on the major project to gain experience and two employees on the small project in a lead role.
  4. Have one employee on the major project in a leadership role and the other three employees on the small project.

Question 6

What does research find to be the most significant factor in public sector employee motivation?

  1. training opportunities
  2. growth opportunities
  3. recognition
  4. salary and benefits

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Question 7

You are making your first presentation to a community group. Now that you have gotten over your fear, how can you most effectively reach your audience?

  1. Speak in technical language to best get your ideas across.
  2. Avoid showing compassion when you are presenting a difficult topic.
  3. Speak in a language the community group will understand.
  4. Be sure to address at least a half dozen topics.

Question 8

In order to properly analyze risk, what must you always do first?

  1. Determine ways to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
  2. Determine the likelihood of the risk occurring.
  3. Develop plans to prevent the risk.
  4. Develop a mitigation plan if you are willing to accept the risk.

Question 9

In which situation would you be most likely to create a contingency plan?

  1. when you review the consequences of your decisions
  2. when you identify a possible risk
  3. when you create an original plan

Leading in Government Answers Final Exam

Question 1 of 8
Once an agency articulates its goals, what is the next step in meeting these goals?

  • Break the goals into specific work actions.
  • Break down work actions into objectives.
  • Establish SMART objectives.
  • Establish start and completion dates.

Question 2 of 8
You are the Budget Director of your agency. In this capacity, what is the most important aspect of customer service for your city’s residents?

  • efficiency
  • completeness
  • timeliness
  • effectiveness

Question 3 of 8
What is the best thing you, as a public sector director, can use to lead continuous improvement in your agency?

  • observations
  • data
  • training
  • suggestions

Question 4 of 8
At which two points is feedback most effective in improving behavior?

  • on a daily basis for both new employees and experienced employees
  • at performance evaluation time for both new employees and for experienced employees
  • on a daily basis for new employees, and at milestones for experienced employees
  • on a daily basis for experienced employees, and at milestones for new employees

These are Leading in Government Answers for Exam

Question 5 of 8
Tyrone is preparing to staff a summer street-repair project. In the context of staffing in a government agency, what is meant by “optics”?

  • What type of reflective clothing will the workers wear to keep them safe?
  • The public’s thoughts about the street repair project.
  • How the traffic will be routed around the work area?
  • How will the public perceive the number of people working on one project at a time?

Question 6 of 8
In order to be truly open to innovative solutions, what must you do first?

  • Talk with community members to understand their concerns.
  • Consult with other departments in your agency.
  • Keep up-to-date with things other public agencies are doing.
  • Understand you might be too close to see things objectively.

Question 7 of 8
Who, what, when, where, and why are essential elements in any communication plan. The “what” is an Easter egg hunt at City Hall. Which element will be the final step in your communication plan?

  • How
  • Why
  • Where
  • When

Question 8 of 8
The Audit Department has an employee suggestion box for ideas on ways they can do their jobs better. Once employees’ ideas are received, what should you as Department Director do with the best ideas?

  • Have a one-on-one meeting with the employees who made the suggestions.
  • Modify procedures to incorporate the suggestions.
  • Compile the suggestions for the next city council meeting.
  • Share the suggestions with Lake City senior leadership.

These are Leading in Government Answers Exam and Quiz

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