Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Find Success and Fulfillment at Work

Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Find Success and Fulfillment

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Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Find Success Chapter Quiz

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What is the Entrepreneurial Way?

  1. a way of thinking that entrepreneurs adopt through taking certain actions and habits
  2. a playbook for founders of small businesses
  3. a secret recipe to how entrepreneurs find success
  4. a map of the Entrepreneurial mountain range

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An entrepreneur is anyone who_____.

  1. starts an enterprise in pursuit of reward
  2. starts a business
  3. launches an enterprise to explore strange new worlds
  4. starts dreaming about what it would be like to be successful

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What is an effective thing you can do to find more motivation to think commercially?

  1. Follow Whitney Wolfe Herd on Twitter.
  2. Take a course on balancing profit and loss.
  3. Get to know your organisation inside out.
  4. You don’t work in a sales or commercial role, so there’s no point.

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Why do entrepreneurs surround themselves with other people?

  1. Because they love learning from others.
  2. Because they are motivated by them.
  3. Because they get lonely by themselves.
  4. Because they value human connection at work.

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According to Daniel Pink, what are three root sources of intrinsic reward?

  1. Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
  2. Bonuses, Free Healthcare, and Company Cars
  3. Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
  4. Pizza, Doughnuts, and Ice-Cream

Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Find Success and Fulfillment Answers

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Before you try to rethink how you do things on your team, what step could you take to make sure any changes will be well received?

  1. Think about the outcome you’re after.
  2. Make some brownies for the team.
  3. Lay some groundwork and do plenty of research.
  4. Tear up the project plan and tell everyone you think you should have a rethink.

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Psychological Flexibility is the ability to (1) accept the present moment, even when the going gets tough and (2) to stay focused on what’s important to you, even if that means _____.

  1. living with huge discomfort
  2. ignoring everything else
  3. overriding what’s important to everyone else
  4. recalculating your route

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If you are thinking about applying the ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ mantra to a situation in your life or at work, what extra step might help you ensure a successful outcome?

  1. Try and avoid fear in the first place.
  2. Tell your brain to deactivate the amygdala.
  3. Ask yourself ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’
  4. Buy a lightsaber.

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What is the negativity bias?

  1. Negativity bias is a tool used by Bob the Builder.
  2. Negativity bias describes how how people give up trying to change their circumstance because they believe they are incapable of doing so
  3. Negativity bias describes how we’re programmed to notice what’s wrong with a situation we’re in or an experience we have before we see what’s right.
  4. Negativity bias describes a belief that we are masters of our own destiny.

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Visionary thinking allows us to see the world _____ .

  1. more clearly because we have stronger lenses in our glasses
  2. through the stories of Tolstoy
  3. as it could be
  4. in technicolor

Question 3 of 3

Why do entrepreneurs embrace failure?

  1. Because they have a growth mindset.
  2. Because they know that Walt Disney was fired from one of his first animation jobs because he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas’.
  3. Because they always fail tests.
  4. Because they know that, even if they fail, they will have learned something along the way.

Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Find Success and Fulfillment at Work LinkedIn Learning Quiz Answers

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