Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers

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Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers for Chapter Quiz

Question 1 of 2

How can individuals banish the inner critic that keeps them from being creative?

  1. Think of an imaginative solution to a real-life problem.
  2. Move their self-doubt to the side so their inner creativity can come out.
  3. Shift their focus from what they feel they lack to what they have done well in the past.

Question 2 of 2

What type of stress is exhilarating and stimulates creativity?

  1. SHIFT
  2. external
  3. eustress

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers to quiz 2

Question 1 of 4

How can using the ancient concept of “genius” to unleash your creativity?

  1. You can let your inner creative brilliance come out.
  2. You can let something outside of yourself inform your creative brilliance.
  3. You can let your inner genius take over and release the creative brilliance inside you.

Question 2 of 4

What is the third step in letting ideas come to you?

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Invite
  3. Be ready.

Question 3 of 4

You invited creative ideas to come to you, and an idea came. What should you do next?

  1. Develop the idea in writing as fully as you can.
  2. Start a conversation with the spirit of the idea.
  3. Hold on to the idea and wait for other ideas to appear.

Question 4 of 4

Which muse would you call on to pull in positive feelings and energy from past experiences?

  1. Aoide
  2. Melete
  3. Mneme

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers quiz 3

Question 1 of 3

When you flip your habitual thinking scripts, what benefit do you derive from working hard at doing nothing?

  1. You encourage the ideas burgeoning in your brain to incubate.
  2. You can take a break from trying to be creative, then come back to it when you are refreshed.
  3. You can let ideas come to you as you always have.

Question 2 of 3

How should you deal with serendipity if you want to be truly creative?

  1. Do not let yourself fall into its trap.
  2. Open yourself to it when it occurs.
  3. Use it as a way to force creative thoughts into your mind.

Question 3 of 3

Some companies with creatives set aside a room for fun and play. Why do they do this?

  1. Play creates positive moods, which in turn enhances creative thinking.
  2. Creatives are even more creative when given a break from the drudgery of their work.
  3. It provides creatives with a place to work other than at their desk.

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers Quiz 4

Question 1 of 3

How can you best describe lateral thinking?

  1. thinking in terms of deductive reasoning
  2. thinking in terms of making associations
  3. thinking in terms of logic

Question 2 of 3

You own a small advertising company. How can you create a macroenvironment in which your employees’ creativity can flourish?

  1. Provide comfortable desk chairs and large screen computers.
  2. Convert the parking lot into a playground.
  3. Let your employees decorate their workspaces however they want.

Question 3 of 3

How do constraints lead you to greater creativity?

  1. They require you to be imaginative and resourceful.
  2. They motivate you to work faster.
  3. They put stress on you that can open your creative mind.

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers for Final Exam

Question 1 of 11
How can you use the idea of a genie to help you be creative?

Imagine yourself on a magical flying carpet looking for creative ideas.
Imagine it casting a spell on you to come up with three creative ideas a day.
Imagine summoning it to grant you three creative wishes a day.

Question 2 of 11
What is the first step in transforming negative stress into positive stress?

Utilize the power of emotions.
Utilize the power of perception.
Utilize the power of feelings.

Question 3 of 11
When an idea you have invited in comes to you, why is it important to ask questions of the idea?

to learn why the idea chose you to bring it into the world
to learn if you are bringing the idea into the world correctly
to learn how the idea wants you to bring it into the world

Question 4 of 11
What are the two Cs in shifting and shaping space in order to be creative?

Comfort and Consistency
Commandeer and Control
Create and Change

These are Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers

Question 5 of 11
What effect do constraints have on your creativity?

They smother your creativity.
They shorten your time to find creative solutions.
They enhance your creativity.

Question 6 of 11
What is the greatest hindrance to an individual feeling they can be creative?

their inner critic
a lack of opportunities
an inability to be imaginative

Question 7 of 11
What part does serendipity play in creative inspiration?

Serendipity drives intention, which fuels ideation.
Intention drives serendipity, which fuels ideation.
Ideation fuels serendipity, which drives intention.

Question 8 of 11
What is the thought behind inviting ideas to come to you?

that ideas are external forces that choose you to bring them into the world
that ideas are an unending flow from which you can pick the best one
that ideas are forces inside you waiting for your invitation to come out

Question 9 of 11
What is the relationship between mood and creativity?

Emotions, whether good moods or bad moods, stifle people’s ability to be creative.
Bad moods motivate people to be more creative to make the bad mood go away.
Good moods silence people’s inner critic and let them go to a place of boundless imagination.

These are Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers

Question 10 of 11
What step in getting started creatively includes the psychological hack of jotting down some notes?

Start Anywhere
Enjoy the Moment
Get Ready

Question 11 of 11
If your usual way of thinking up creative ideas is not working, how can flipping your habitual thinking scripts help you?

You begin to think exclusively.
You begin to think inclusively.
You begin to think continually.

Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers

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Unique Ways to Generate Creative Ideas Answers
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