TensorFlow for AI,Ml&Dl Exercise & Quiz (Week 4)

TensorFlow for AI,ML&DL (WEEK 4)

link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/introductiontensorflow


1. Using Image Generator, how do you label images?

Ans: It’s based on the directory the image is contained in

2. What method on the Image Generator is used to normalize the image?

Ans: rescale

3. How did we specify the training size for the images?

Ans: The target size parameter on the training generator

4. When we specify the input shape to be (300, 300, 3), what does that mean?

Ans: Every Image will be 300×300 pixels, with 3 bytes to define color

5. If your training data is close to 1.000 accuracy, but your validation data isn’t, what’s the risk here?

Ans: You’re overfitting on your training data

6. Convolutional Neural Networks are better for classifying images like horses and humans because:


  • In these images, the features may be in different parts of the frame
  • There’s a wide variety of horses
  • There’s a wide variety of humans
  • All of the above

7. After reducing the size of the images, the training results were different. Why?

Ans: We removed some convolutions to handle the smaller image.

TensorFlow for AI,ML&DL EXERCISE (WEEK 4)


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