TensorFlow for AI,Ml&Dl Exercise & Quiz (Week 1)

TensorFlow for AI,ML&DL (WEEK 1)

link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/introductiontensorflow


1. The diagram for traditional programming had Rules and Data In, but what came out?

Ans: Answers

2. The diagram for Machine Learning had Answers and Data In, but what came out?

Ans: Rules

3. When I tell a computer what the data represents (i.e. this data is for walking, this data is for running), what is that process called?

Ans: Labelling the Data

4. What is a Dense?

Ans: A layer of connected neurons

5. What does a Loss function do?

Ans: Measures how good the current ‘guess’ is

6. What does the optimizer do?

Ans: Generates a new and improved guess

7. What is Convergence?

Ans: The process of getting very close to the correct answer

8. What does model.fit do?

Ans: It trains the neural network to fit one set of values to another

TensorFlow for AI,ML&DL EXERCISE (WEEK 1)


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