Founding Members

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Pankaj Mehla

CEO, Co-Founder

Exploring the world of technology has always fascinated me, and I am constantly seeking ways to expand my understanding and expertise in field.

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Sonali Sahni


Aerospace Engineering student at Chandigarh University | Nasa Citizen Scientist | Researcher | Advance Mathematics expert at Chegg


Sumit Mishra


Sumit is Chief Technology Officer at PROGIEZ leading the tech. Leading the team with his innovative ideas


HR Manager

Head of Human Resource Department. A very passionate and a team leader skilled person

Rupesh Bhatia

Graphic Designer

With his creative graphics making skills, Rupesh is the head of Designing team at PROGIEZ

JashanPreet Singh

Content Writer

Jashan is a content writer at PROGIEZ. He is exceptional when it comes to writing the content.