Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers

By Stacey Gordon


Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers Quiz 1

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How does unconscious bias impact the bottom line?

  • It doesn’t. If an employee quits because of suspected bias, you can always replace them, so it is better to keep a forward-looking perspective and move fast.
  • Addressing unconscious bias in the workplace will create a more positive company reputation and consistent employee satisfaction, leading to lower employee turnover and increased profitability.
  • Creating departments, hiring experts, and training employees on bias is expensive and time consuming.
  • Acknowledging your pain points around unconscious bias distracts employees AND clients from the sales process, decreasing sales.

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As long as you have less than a 5% bias in favor of promoting men, the outcome of promoting a man versus a woman remains the same.

  • TRUE

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Cognitive bias is a synonym for _____.

  • none of these answers
  • stereotypes
  • heuristics
  • unconscious bias

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What is unconscious bias?

  • bias that affects our decision-making ability
  • bias that is automatically activated
  • bias that affects how you think from day to day
  • all of these answers

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers Quiz 2

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How can you structure your decision making process so that it is fair?

  • Randomize the process.
  • Create standardized processes.
  • Favor the person you have something in common with.
  • It is impossible to design a fair decision making process.

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What is the best example of affinity bias?

  • Your boss promotes your coworker because she is the top performing employee.
  • You choose to hire a candidate because you were in the same fraternity.
  • You are the only one laid off in your department because you were the newest addition to the company.
  • Your company hires the candidate with the least amount of experience because they aced the interview and pre-employment test.

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How can Group Think or the Bandwagon Effect affect your company?

  • You are a small company, so group think doesn’t affect us.
  • Group think is something you encourage in order to maintain a progressive culture
  • Group think promotes the best ideas because they are supported by a majority.
  • Group Think can stifle creativity and independent thought.

These are Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers

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What is the best description of confirmation bias?

  • Confirmation bias is selecting your ideas after they have been confirmed to be best.
  • none of these answers
  • Confirmation bias is seeking out evidence that confirms your initial perceptions, ignoring contrary information.
  • Confirmation bias is when you conform your view to that of the most popular view in a group.

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Perception bias can account for overlooking underrepresented groups in the hiring process.

  • TRUE

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How can managers avoid the Halo Effect?

  • all of these answers
  • They should ignore their initial evaluation because it will always lead to the Halo Effect.
  • They can begin by assuming the worst and then working to change their perception
  • They can review their processes for evaluating work and put checks and balances in place.

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers FINAL EXAM

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What are some ways you can challenge or prevent Group Think?

  • Take on the role of dissenter in every meeting without establishing this as a meeting norm.
  • none of these answers
  • Reserve a sizable block of time to critically evaluate the options that have been discussed.
  • Allow the person with the most authority in the room to state their preferences first.

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What is the Halo Effect?

  • The Halo Effect is someone’s aura.
  • The Halo Effect is the effect someone’s continued good works has on you.
  • The Halo Effect is our tendency to think everything about a person is good because our first impression of them was good.
  • The Halo Effect is when someone pretends to be nice to their peers when they actually dislike them.

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How can you combat confirmation bias?

  • Look for data that disproves your point.
  • Review all of the data in your possession.
  • Ask others to review your conclusions.
  • all of these answers

These are Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers

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How can you begin to notice perception bias?

  • Ensure there is widespread awareness of our role as individuals in perpetuating unconscious bias.
  • all of these answers
  • Acknowledge that the problem exists.
  • Resolve to do something and hold yourself accountable.

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Heuristics are the _ that humans use to reduce task complexity in judgment and choice.

  • biases
  • shortcuts
  • assumptions
  • emotions

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Focusing on unconscious bias _.

  • is necessary to address primarily when the bias has a large impact on the workforce
  • is necessary, but not a priority because candidates won’t know biases exist in your company
  • is necessary as candidates are beginning to make decisions about job offers based on a company’s reputation and management of diversity issues
  • isn’t necessary because bias will have no financial impact on your company

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers

Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers
Unconscious Bias Linkedin Learning Answers
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