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Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers
By: Bob McGannon


Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers Quiz 1

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Business ethics are a set of _____.

  • communication principles
  • ways to treat people
  • moral standards
  • rules for procurement

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The three primary areas where ethical issues can be found are _____.

  • systems, marketing, and finances
  • accounting, HR, and maintenance
  • PCs, desk drawers, and in the break room
  • systems, processes, and people

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Keeping what in your mind can help you ensure your actions or decision are ethically appropriate?

  • an ethics checklist
  • being nice to people
  • your business priorities
  • your financial position

Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers Quiz 2

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Do all ethical decision have a clear answer–like, it’s okay or not?

  • Yes, the options are always clear.
  • No, there can be many factors to consider that can make these decisions more complicated.
  • Yes, all workplaces have the same rules and standards.
  • No, because your manager will always make a decision for you.

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What other activities may you need to participate in after you report an ethical issue?

  • Respond to queries from investigators.
  • Present a speech detailing the issue.
  • Provide the results of the investigation.
  • Council the person who violated ethics.

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What is one thing you should not do if you see potentially concerning behavior from a fellow employee?

  • Share your concern with a number of your colleagues to see if they have seen the behavior as well.
  • Immediately call your CEO’s office.
  • Keep it to yourself because it’s none of your business.
  • all of these answers

Business Ethics Linkedin Learning AnswersQuiz 3

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What does transparency mean in an ethical context?

  • Ensuring someone always looks over your work.
  • Posting your work for others to see at all times.
  • Conducting your activities in an open, truthful, and visible way.
  • all of these answers

Question 2 of 3

What items can make being ethical in a team environment more complicated?

  • differing skills, personalities, and backgrounds
  • People are in different moods every day.
  • Different managers have different rules.
  • Teams are typically of different sizes.

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What is the best strategy for working and avoiding preconceived notions?

  • Take it upon yourself to address this concern.
  • Hang out with people that don’t share your bias.
  • Anticipate when preconceived notions might affect your decisions.
  • all of these answers

Building Trust Linkedin Learning Answers FINAL EXAM

Question 1 of 8
What is the best way to evaluate if you have made a transparent and auditable decision?

  • The outcome will be positive if a reviewer examined the rationale for your decision.
  • You took your best guess at the decision without data.
  • You verified the decision with your manager.
  • You can demonstrate you made the same decision before.

Question 2 of 8
When dealing with a potential ethics problem, what do you need to make sure is accurate?

  • your personal rules
  • your data
  • your emotions
  • your presumptions

Question 3 of 8
Bullying is not just using intimidation to get somebody to do something. It can also be _.

  • taking on too much work
  • stealing company property
  • using your authority to give people tasks that aren’t part of their job
  • all of these answers

These are Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers

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In the context of ethics and the presence of social media, more people have a voice, and people are expressing ethical concerns because they feel empowered to speak up. What strategy should we all be using to not offend anyone and remain ethical in how we behave with others?

  • We need to keep to ourselves so we don’t offend others.
  • We need to put everything in writing to justify our meaning when we say something.
  • We need to keep doing what we are doing if nobody has complained about us.
  • We need to listen to others mindfully and adjust our behavior.

Question 5 of 8
Misusing company time includes claiming time not worked and what other form of unethical behavior?

  • having lunch at your desk
  • conducting personal business on company time
  • taking time to think
  • talking with peers

Question 6 of 8
What is the primary factor that determines if a person feels part of a team?

  • Each person decides that for themselves.
  • the manager’s making a proper job appointment
  • the actions, or inactions of teammates to make them feel welcomed
  • ensuring the person is invited to business meetings

These are Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers

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Being transparent in your decisions means you share _.

  • the burden of making important decisions in a committee
  • the answer to your decision with your team
  • all alternatives you considered to make a decision
  • what you are doing, what you know, and how you made your decision

Question 8 of 8
What group of business stakeholders are different, in that you don’t usually engage in the open sharing of information?

  • your baristas
  • vendors
  • family
  • peers

Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers

Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers

Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers
Business Ethics Linkedin Learning Answers
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