Leadership Strategies for Women

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers


Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers Quiz 1

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Jada is providing Mateo with updates on a social media marketing strategy. In order to ensure that words have the same meanings, Jada should make sure she clarifies her _____.

  • issues
  • intentions
  • questions
  • agreements

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Which leadership advantage do women have based on socialization in their early life?

  • Strive for continuous improvement.
  • Get immunity from responsibility.
  • Focus on the end result.
  • Use conflict strategies.

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Ethan is looking at some resumes and notices that a candidate has a Harvard degree. Perfect, he is going hire this person. This is an example of _____.

  • negativity bias
  • self-serving bias
  • confirmation bias.
  • unconscious bias

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers Quiz 2

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Olivia is in a meeting with several executives discussing downsizing the company. The conversation is getting pretty heated. Which strategy would prevent Olivia from managing her emotions?

  • Go with the flow.
  • Breathe.
  • Define the situation.
  • Take a break.

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Amelia is like many other people who have a hard time accepting praise. She feels unqualified, incapable, and not intelligent enough. This is known as _____.

  • set-up-to-fail syndrome
  • shadow syndrome
  • imposter syndrome

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers Quiz 3

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Don is a very social guy, but when he meets people, he shakes their hand while he converses with them. Then he stares them down. Which tip would you recommend Don use in his nonverbal communication?

  • Show that you are confident.
  • Think about how you physically approach a conversation.
  • Control your timing.
  • Be careful with touch.

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Lorrie is a smart employee who always says she is sorry to the team every time she disagrees with a process. Which tip would you recommend Lorrie use in her communication?

  • Avoid starting sentences with “I’m sorry.”
  • Apologize only when you are at fault.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.
  • Consider expressing gratitude for the correction instead of apologizing.

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers Quiz 4

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Lakshmi is in charge of reaching gender equality in the workplace. She knows a powerful way to do this is partnering with allies, especially men. Which action would you recommend Lakshmi use?

  • Avoid cynicism.
  • Use anecdotal examples.
  • Avoid sarcasm.
  • Educate without blaming.

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers FINAL EXAM

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Jack is scheduling a meeting for a cross-functional event. He wants to have a successful meeting by having everyone contribute and hearing from all perspectives. Which tip would you recommend Jack use for his meeting?

  • Have equal numbers.
  • Use agendas wisely.
  • Make debate the norm.
  • Rotate meeting leadership.

Question 2 of 10
Which action should you avoid when you want to get more useful feedback?

  • Develop relationships with multiple leaders in the company.
  • Ask more specific questions.
  • Ask your boss what they did to prove proficiency on a specific competency.
  • Ask broad questions.

Question 3 of 10
Which action would you encourage your male allies avoid if they want to be allies to women?

  • Speak up.
  • Show up.
  • Listen up.
  • Be complacent.

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One of Zoe’s goals is to optimize the time she is spending on her skills, particularly the ones she wants to develop. There is a project in which she is interested. Which strategy should she avoid?

  • Offer to take the last option left or what no one else wants.
  • Explicitly state what she wants or does not want.
  • Decline to take any grunt work.
  • Plan ahead for what she wants to do on the project.

Question 5 of 10
Frances has asked you to help her practice for a presentation she is giving to her colleagues. You notice she uses the words so and really. Which tip would you recommend Frances use in her presentation?

  • Give clear directives.
  • Try not to hedge.
  • Avoid intensifiers.
  • Instill credibility.

Question 6 of 10
Ailani is having a conversation with her coworker Andre. To ensure they won’t have a misunderstanding, what should they NOT do?

  • Assume a nod is an agreement.
  • Ask questions.
  • Provide verbal cues.
  • Define the conversation.

Question 7 of 10
Which is the least likely reason a woman would be a great negotiator?

  • taking an “it’s all about the money” approach.
  • being a strong advocate for others
  • paying close attention to relationships
  • identifying more creative options

Question 8 of 10
A _ is a situation in which a person receives conflicting messages.

  • triple bind
  • nonverbal conversation
  • double bind
  • formal communication

Question 9 of 10
A male mentor who is not explicit about the relationship parameters does not meet openly with a mentee, does not express motives, and does not do any research faces _.

  • being fired from a job
  • the distribution dilemma
  • the developmental dilemma
  • being demoted

Question 10 of 10
Which strength is not true of how women think?

  • deep concentration on a single task
  • quick transitions between tasks
  • seeing connections between apparently different things
  • notices and remembers more about a place or a situation

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers

Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers
Leadership Strategies for Women Linkedin Answers
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