Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers

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Question 1 of 1
What do you call it when you develop others to maximize their potential?

  • building relationships 🗸
  • awareness of others
  • self awareness
  • self control


Question 1 of 1
Which is NOT an important goal in regard to feelings and EQ?

  • Learn to feel your feelings.
  • Learn to ignore your emotions. 🗸
  • Learn to identify your emotions.
  • Find appropriate ways to express your feelings.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers CHAPTER QUIZ 3

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An important window for emotional self control occurs when _.

  • we are meditating
  • we are under stress 🗸
  • we are exercising
  • we are feeling calm and positive


Question 1 of 1
Humans are wired for three main things: to survive, to belong in a meaningful community, and to _.

  • form meaningful bonds with others
  • protect food and water
  • work
  • become our best selves 🗸


Question 1 of 2
For a team to achieve true collaboration or peak performance it must have _.

  • physical and psychological safety
  • a clear sense of purpose
  • all of these answers 🗸
  • trust and belonging

Question 2 of 2
How do ’emotionally intelligent’ leaders drive change?

  • by creating rallying cries
  • by strategically withholding ideas
  • by using anger to motivate
  • by challenging the status quo 🗸

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers Final Exam

Question 1 of 8
Inspirational leaders should have passion and _.

  • the resources to get things done
  • high self esteem
  • a clear vision 🗸
  • lots of charisma

Question 2 of 8
What’s a sign that you have been triggered?

  • all of these answers 🗸
  • You’re being self critical.
  • Your emotions are bigger than the situation warrants.
  • You feel righteous or judgemental.

Question 3 of 8
According to Dr. Amy Edmondson, what is psychological safety?

  • agreeing with the opinions of managers or leaders.
  • a shared belief that the team is safe for risk-taking 🗸
  • being universally liked by others
  • being shielded from things that are uncomfortable

These are Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers

Question 4 of 8
_ are often at the heart of conflicts.

  • Resolutions
  • Triggers 🗸
  • Questions
  • Transparency and clarity

Question 5 of 8
Meditating _ changes the brain in a measurable way.

  • one time 🗸
  • three times
  • ninety times
  • twenty-five times

Question 6 of 8
What is the best description of the “amygdala hijack?”

  • when synovial brainwave swamps the sensory centers
  • when the reptilian brain shuts down the higher level functions of the brain 🗸
  • when blood moving to the brain shunts away from amygdala
  • when you become overly fixated on a source of happiness or love

Question 7 of 8
“Do to others as they would want to have done to them” is the _.

  • Silver Tsunami
  • spiritual basis for EQ
  • Golden Rule
  • Platinum Rule 🗸

Question 8 of 8
Which levels of developmental responsibility does a leader have?

  • other
  • all of these answers 🗸
  • self
  • organization

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Linkedin Answers
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