Intro to AR/VR/MR/XR: Technologies, Applications & Issues | Week 4

XR Strategy Quiz

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These are answers for intro to ar/vr/mr/xr week 4

1. What are key considerations when shaping your XR strategy for a new project? Choose all that apply.

Knowledge and roles required in the team

Target user groups of the project

Marketing of the project

Equipment needed for the project

2. What things should you know when starting your new XR project? Choose all that apply.

The likeliness of XR technology to help solve the problem targeted by the project

What technologies and tools are available to facilitate the project’s implementation

What trends and key issues in XR are likely to have an impact on the project

3. Which of the following is potentially the most effective when brainstorming new XR projects with stakeholders?




Design jams

4. What are effective ways of growing the knowledge of XR technology in your team?

Equipping one member of the team who can then be an evangelist

Forming a community of practice with regular events involving XR technology

Starting a reading group dedicated to having conversations about XR

These are answers for intro to ar/vr/mr/xr week 4

5. Which of the following is not a good idea when purchasing new XR equipment for your team?

Buying the same device in bulk

Trying out the latest device before you buy it

Comparing technical specifications to equipment you already have

6. When hiring for an XR developer position, which of the following would be the minimum required experience?

Experience with 3D programming or game development

Experience with web or mobile application development

Experience with XR application development

These are answers for intro to ar/vr/mr/xr week 4

7. When hiring for an XR design position, which of the following would be the preferred experience?

Experience with graphic design

Experience with 3D modeling

Experience with game or interaction design

8. When assessing XR projects/initiatives, what are good indicators for success? Choose all that apply.

Revenue generated by any existing XR technology in the space

Likeliness of the problem to benefit from the use of XR technology

Experience the team has with XR technology

9. Reflecting on the XR strategy panel, what was a major theme that emerged from the panelist discussions?

That it is challenging to provide access to XR technology

That it is difficult to come up with new projects that could benefit from XR technology

That there is a lack of interest in XR technology

10. Considering everything covered in this course, which of the following are key take-aways?

It helps to separate XR concepts from technologies

The main issue is that we have not found the killer app yet

Working with XR technology is easy and safe

There are social and ethical concerns with XR technology that could hinder adoption

There are key trends in XR that could mitigate current technical limitations

There is confusion about XR terminology

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These are answers for intro to ar/vr/mr/xr week 4

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