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Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers

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Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers Quiz 1

Question 1 of 2
Which scenario exhibits micromanagement?

  • Manager Alice requires that weekly status reports be entered into a database.
  • Manager Carol requires that all status reports adhere to a template format.
  • Manager Bob requires that all status reports address five specific concerns.
  • Manager Ted requires that all reports be typed using a specific software package. 🗸

Question 2 of 2
What are the key elements of underperformance intervention?

  • motivation, punishment, and clarity
  • timeliness, specificity, and reinforcement 🗸
  • gentleness, cooperation, and commitment
  • documentation, evidence, and witnesses

Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers Quiz 2

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Which action should you take after overcoming a setback?

  • Review the process to determine key positive and negative features. 🗸
  • Seek out causes of the setback and reprimand those responsible.
  • Codify the successful process for future repetition.
  • Move on immediately to the next obstacle.

Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers Quiz 3

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What should you do right after criticizing or praising someone’s actions or behavior?

  • Publicly announce the behavior.
  • Demand a detailed written account of the behavior.
  • Punish or reward the behavior.
  • Explain the broad effects of that behavior. 🗸

Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers Quiz 4

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When a team member wastes two days by perusing a dead-end strategy for data analysis, what should you do?

  • Emphasize the benefit of the learning that took place because of the experimentation. 🗸
  • Reprimand the team member for wasting time.
  • Put a formal policy in place that regulates when it is okay to try out such new methods.
  • Encourage the whole team to explore the method in detail.

Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers Quiz 5

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How can you gain influence over members of a cross-functional team who are not under your direct supervision?

  • by filing reports on team performance to your manager
  • by having weekly team evaluations of the team members
  • by threatening to have them expelled from the team
  • by communicating with their supervisor regarding their performance 🗸

Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning Answers FINAL EXAM

Question 1 of 10
The development cycle begins and ends with _.

  • rewarding
  • announcing
  • testing
  • evaluation 🗸

Question 2 of 10
When you offer solicited advice to a team member concerning a career decision, which role are you playing?

  • mentor 🗸
  • coach
  • supervisor
  • sponsor

Question 3 of 10
Goals should be periodically adjusted so that they remain both _.

  • realistic and stimulating 🗸
  • challenging and inspirational
  • practical and simple
  • adaptable and testable

Question 4 of 10
Which arrangement is the best order for delegating responsibility?

  • when, who, why, and what
  • who, what, when, and why
  • what, when, who, and why 🗸
  • why, who, what, and when

Question 5 of 10
When should you CC someone on a message?

  • when it is important that the person has the information but doesn’t need to act on it 🗸
  • when you expect a prompt reply to your message
  • when the person is part of the team to which the message pertains
  • when that person needs the information in order to lead the group through the next set of actions

Question 6 of 10
What should you do immediately after your discreet meeting with a difficult team member?

  • Report the conversation to other team members.
  • Create written notes summarizing the meeting. 🗸
  • Appoint a conflict manager.
  • Report the conversation to your supervisor.

Question 7 of 10
Why should a manager spend time organizing venues for casual or informal contact among virtual team members?

  • to resolve disputes
  • to improve overall communication within the team 🗸
  • to encourage collaboration
  • to foster outside interactions

Question 8 of 10
What defines a generational group besides the range of birth years?

  • popular culture
  • common formative experiences 🗸
  • political agreement
  • geographical commonality

Question 9 of 10
Which phase of the team development cycle exhibits conflict and testing behavior?

  • storming 🗸
  • adjourning
  • forming
  • norming

Question 10 of 10
Taking time to build genuine personal relationships is important for developing _.

  • power
  • trust 🗸
  • fear

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Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers
Managing Teams 2018 Linkedin Learning answers
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