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What is the recommended best practice when it comes to clarifying performance expectations?

  • Provide well written expectations and allow your team to interpret what they mean.
  • Create an open dialogue to ensure clarity about performance expectations for individuals and the groups. 🗸
  • Always have senior leadership dictate goals for you and your team.
  • Don’t ask the boss questions about the bigger picture. The only thing that matters are specific details, dates, and deadlines.

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Feeling a sense of purpose in your work often stems from _.

  • earned rewards, a great personality, and an understanding boss
  • personality, a great boss, and kind colleagues
  • high autonomy, a strong boss, and great compensation
  • a good job fit, positive work relationships, solid recognition and rewards, and connecting to the outcomes 🗸

These are New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers

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What is true about autocratic decision making?

  • It involves you allowing the team to make the decision irrespective of what you feel the decision should be.
  • It is characterized by deferring responsibility for the decisions you make.
  • It is defined as making a decision with no input needed from the team, followed by telling the team your decision. 🗸
  • It involves a partnership or a collaboration between you and the members of the team.

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What are the core elements of effective feedback?

  • Be candid and positive.
  • Be specific, be positive, deliver the right amount, and own the feedback. 🗸
  • Provide written examples of performance issues, clarify standards, and set new expectations.
  • Be redundant to ensure they hear you, be positive, and be impersonal.

These are New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers

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What is an effective way to establish your authority?

  • Quickly call out bad behavior, model the way, and monitor closely.
  • Start small, resist input from the team, and carefully follow their progress.
  • Write up the first infraction you see and discuss it with the team.
  • Start small, co-opt employees, and provide autonomy. 🗸

Question 6 of 8
Key steps for managing planned change include _.

  • assessing capacity, building a case for change, writing the script, discussing failure, activating communications plan and roll-out 🗸
  • selling the case, demanding resources, recruiting all-stars, and gaining executive support
  • assessing capacity, working with vendors, communicating the change, and follow up
  • assessing capacity, creating resources, discussing failure, hiring consultants, and demanding results

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All of the following are characteristics of servant leadership EXCEPT:

  • It is predicated on the idea that helping others to succeed is a righteous goal.
  • It focuses on the need to build and develop employees as a first priority.
  • Maximizing the growth of employee means the team and the leader become more successful.
  • Employees are thought of as simple human resources to whom orders should be provided. 🗸

These are New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers

Question 8 of 8
As a new leader, you should strive to understand current team culture. All of the following are ways to accomplish this, EXCEPT:

  • Before announcing new performance standards, research how the team got to where they are.
  • Rush to make changes in order to make your mark. 🗸
  • Learn about key incidents that have occurred over the last few years.
  • Understand and appreciate major key employees and leaders from the past.

New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers

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These are New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers
These are New Manager Foundations 2022 Linkedin Learning Answers
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