Introduction to Mongo DB (Week 3 Quiz)|Coursera

Which of the following commands are valid index creation commands?

  1. mflix.create_index(“movies”, “title”)
  2. mflix.create_index( [ “title”, “year” ])
  3. mflix.movies.create_index((“title”, pymongo.DESCENDING))

Which of the following is true regarding geospatial queries and 2dsphere indexes?

  1. When using $nearSphere, then $minDistance and $maxDistance operators are defined using meters.
  2. The $centerSphere operator requires a 2dsphere index.
  3. When making a query with $geoWithin and $centerSphere, the radius is defined using kilometers.
  4. GeoJSON specifies coordinates as [<latitude>, <longitude>].

Which of the following is true regarding graphing with MongoDB?

  1. Matplotlib’s 3D plots require an additional module to be imported.
  2. A small amount of data transformation might be required after querying MongoDB to support matplotlib graphs.
  3. MongoDB natively supports the rendering of scatter plots via its query engine.
  4. The aggregation framework is required to create boxplots.

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