Introduction to Mongo DB (Week 1 Quiz) Coursera

Introduction to Mongo DB Week 1 Coursera Solution

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How much will our Atlas cluster cost per month?

  1. 1 USD
  2. 5 USD
  3. Nothing. It’s free.
  4. 20 USD
  5. 10 USD

How many documents were imported by our mongoimport command?

  1. 44,800
  2. 40,600
  3. 46,000
  4. 40,001
  5. 46,014

What is the runtime of the first document listed in our collection?

  1. 14 min
  2. 103 min
  3. 1 min
  4. 6 min
  5. 23 min

Which of the following accurately describe PyMongo?

  1. A client library for connecting to MongoDB
  2. A library that supports the MongoDB aggregation framework and query language
  3. A programming language
  4. A Python library
  5. A hosting platform for MongoDB

What elements of the provided connection string do you need to change in order to successfully connect to MongoDB from Python?

  1. username
  2. authorization source
  3. password
  4. cluster name
  5. database

Introduction to Mongo DB Week 1 Coursera Solution

Which of the following are true of the aggregation pipeline?

  1. An individual stage within a pipeline performs many different types of tasks.
  2. Aggregation pipelines are similar to Linux shell pipelines.
  3. Pipelines use a MongoDB collection as input.
  4. You may include a particular type of stage in an aggregation pipeline only once.
  5. The task a pipeline stage performs is tunable.

What data structure is used to define expressions in the aggregation framework?

  1. int
  2. string
  3. dictionary
  4. list
  5. tuple

What are the two components of a sort expression?

  1. direction
  2. field
  3. count
  4. size
  5. list

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