Twitter Clone Front-End with ReactJS (Quiz)

Twitter Clone Front-End with ReactJS

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Question 1 : What is create-react-app?

  1. A tool to set up a React project quickly
  2. A core part of  the React library

Question 2 : At its simplest form, what is a React component in terms of JS?

  1. A JS class with a render method
  2. A function that returns HTML

Question 3 : What is JSX?

  1. A Strongly-typed language based on JavaScript
  2. A way to write JS code inside the HTML of the React component

Question 4 : Can we pass props from the child component to the parent component?

  1. No
  2. Yes

Twitter Clone Front-End with ReactJS

Question 5 : What is the onClick prop of a button?

  1. A Function that executes when the button renders
  2. A Function that will be executed when the button is clicked

Question 6 : Do all React components expect the “key” prop?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Question 7 : Why do we need to write “await” before the axios.get() call?

  1. Because the GET request may take a long time
  2. Because axios.get is an async function

Question 8 : When does the useEffect hook run?

  1. When the component first renders
  2. When the component demounts

Question 9 : Do we have to write .css files to style React components? 

  1. Yes
  2. No

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