Data Structure Quiz 1.3

Data Structure Quiz 1.3

Which of the following is not a type of Linked List ?
a. Singly Linked List
b. Hybrid Linked List
c. Circular Linked List
d. Doubly Linked List

Each Node contain minimum two fields one field called data field to store data. Another field is of type
a. Pointer to an Integer
b. Pointer to Class
c. Pointer to Character
d. Pointer to Node

Consider the following definition in c programming language.Which of the following c code is used to create new
struct node
int data;
struct node * next;
typedef struct node NODE;
NODE *ptr;
a. ptr = (NODE*)malloc(NODE);
b. ptr = (NODE)malloc(sizeof(NODE));
c. ptr = (NODE*)malloc(sizeof(NODE));
d. ptr = (NODE*)malloc(sizeof(NODE*));

Which of the following are applications of linked lists?
a. Chaining in Hash tables
b. All of the above
c. Binary Tree implementation
d. Implementing File System

Linked list is generally considered as an example of _________ type of memory allocation.
a. Dynamic
b. Static
c. Compile Time
d. None of these

In linked list each node contain minimum of two fields. One field is data field to store the data second field is?
a. Node
b. Pointer to character
c. Pointer to node
d. Pointer to integer

Consider an implementation of unsorted singly linked list. Suppose it has its representation with a head pointer
only. Given the representation, which of the following operation can be implemented in O(1) time?
1. Insertion at the front of the linked list
2. Insertion at the end of the linked list
3. Deletion of the front node of the linked list
4. Deletion of the last node of the linked list
a. 1,2, and 3
b. 1 and 3
c. 1 and 2
d. 1,2, and 4

Generally collection of Nodes is called as __________.

What would be the asymptotic time complexity to find an element in the linked list?
a. None of the mentioned
b. O
c. O(n2)
d. O(1)

The concatenation of two list can performed in O(1) time. Which of the following variation of linked list can be
a. Array implementation of list
b. Singly linked list
c. Doubly linked list
d. Circular doubly linked list

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