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We are friends of Happy Singh who is suffering from Communite Fracture of Facial Bones and is undergoing treatment at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali.

When Happy was returning on the bike from Chandigarh, at 8:30 He met with an accident after crossing the Kharar toll, he was badly injured, all the bones in his face were broken and his jawbone was also broken. After that, he was admitted to Max Hospital Mohali (Phase 6) immediately where the doctor asked for complete face surgery and he was put in ICU.

happy max 1
Happy at Max Hospital Mohali in ICU

Happy is a fatherless student, so all the responsibilities of this house were also on his head. his financial condition is also not good The relatives have done all they can to collect the total amount required for the treatment but Rs.350000 more is required to pay for all the medical expenses.

And all the money is spent on his college fees, so suddenly now this disaster has come, so we Happy’s friends request you all with folded hands to please support us and Happy in this difficult time so that he Gets well soon and comes back to your college Chandigarh University soon

As the amount required is huge, I request you to kindly contribute towards the treatment and help during this time of need. Each contribution is important!

happy max 2

We are grateful for your help and wishes.

Thank you.


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